Top Reasons Why Employees Quit Their Jobs

Top Reasons Why Employees Quit Their Jobs

Many people, especially those who belong to the older generation, have this perception that the majority of today’s workforce are certified job hoppers. They easily give up on their career, quickly get bored and are often on the lookout for better opportunities. According to human resource experts, it is surprising to find out that the negative perception is untrue. A lot of younger employees nowadays choose to stay employed in one company for at least five years before trying to find something better.

If you happen to have some employees that are working under your supervision, it is in your hands if they decide to stay in the company for a long time. Part of your job is to determine why they leave the company. Here are some of the visible signs indicating they want to go.

Lack of or no trust at all

Trust is a big thing for many employees. They want to experience working in an environment where their boss has faith in the decisions that they make. Micromanaging employees means that you do not trust them to do their jobs well. You can lose some of your best employees if you keep on restricting their working environment.

Lack of appreciation

One of the top causes of workers leaving a company regardless of their compensation or position is lack of recognition. If an employee does something good for the organization, they need to feel appreciated by getting positive feedback from the higher-ups. You can also award a certificate of recognition or give an additional monetary incentive to improve the morale of the employee.

It is also essential to listen to whatever feedback your employees provide, whether it is positive or negative. Do not ignore simple requests such as annual performance bonus, salary increases, and additional benefits.

Little or no room for growth

One of the reasons why people choose to work in a company is to look for career growth. Regardless of how small the company is, there are different ways to plan a career path for all employees. As long as the employee is eager to learn and step up, then you should not deprive them of the chance of being promoted in the next few years.

Lack of passion for the job

Sadly, some employees are not passionate about their jobs. They believe that it is better to have one as long as it pays the bills, and it brings food to the table. However, the lack of passion often reflects in the output of the employees. If you see one of your employees who is no longer happy with their work, it is time to have a talk and have them re-evaluate their options.

Lastly, employees need to find a job that suits their knowledge and skills set. If they happen to have a background in the medical field, you can guide them towards that path. Let them check out recruitment websites like and see if there are any job openings that would match their qualifications.