3 Tips For Happy Living In A Wheelchair

3 Tips For Happy Living In A Wheelchair

Living in a wheelchair can be the most devastating experience for any person, especially if you were not born that way. As a wheelchair user, you have to develop a lot of different techniques in order to cope with your condition and live life to the fullest.

Being in a wheelchair might cause people to look at you with curiosity and many questions, which could create nervousness and cause you to feel self-conscious, but if you approach things positively you might be surprised how much of an impact you could have on the lives of other people. Here are 3 tips for happy living in a wheelchair.

Be Thankful

Take a moment every day to be thankful for the fact that you are alive. Today, unlike the days of old, we live in a time where there are different types of wheelchairs available for every possible need. Imagine if you had to live in a time where you could not be mobile at all and were just confined to your room.

Realising this fact alone opens up one’s eyes to realize just how blessed we are to be living now instead of then. All the innovation that is happening in 2020, has contributed to a lot of equipment today, so that as a wheelchair user you don’t really have to depend so much on others to get around.

As you endeavour to be thankful in every situation, you allow yourself to keep your mind focused on the positive. In this state you will realize that there are more things to smile and laugh about than to be sad about.

Do Not Compare

Comparing ourselves to others is a sin we are all guilty of from time to time. Not just is it wrong, but it is also extremely unhealthy. To be honest, I would say that this habit of comparing ourselves to others is more likely to occur if we are in a wheelchair, and especially so if our wheelchair journey has just started.

You want to avoid the thought that the grass looks and feels greener on the other side. The side of those who still have the ability to walk. It is just not true at all. You can teach yourself to be contend with your live and be happy with yourselves just as you are.

Be Yourself

It is absolutely normal to feel a bit withdrawn and shy about your condition. I mean, who doesn’t feel self-conscious at being stared at because of a condition that makes you totally different from the other people around you.

Well, the one thing you can be absolutely sure about is your wheelchair. It is your dear friend that doesn’t give up on you even when you want to give up on yourself. It is there with you through thick and thin. Thinking about your wheelchair in this way will help you want to come out of your shell and just be yourself if you’re nervous because you have wheels. What you want to be is proud because you are different from others.