Different Teeth Whitening Methods And Their Results

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is one of the cosmetic dentistry services that restores the teeth’ natural color and makes them even a little brighter than before. We usually compare teeth whitening with scaling. However, by scaling, your teeth return to their previous normal color, but bleaching or teeth whitening leads to brighter teeth than usual. Teeth whitening procedure is a cosmetic dentistry treatment with no side effects that involves different steps such as:

_Brushing with whitening toothpaste

_Laser teeth whitening

_Bleaching tape

_Whitening gel

Many applicants have recently tended to use teeth whitening. We all know that small cracks appear on the enamel by aging. These cracks become a good site for the accumulation of bacteria and gradually change the teeth’ color. Teeth whitening methods remove these impurities and bacteria and whiten the teeth again.

What Are Teeth Whitening And Bleaching?

When teeth get whiter than usual, we call it “bleaching”. But a normal method that leads to the return of tooth color to its original color is called teeth whitening. So using whitening toothpaste can also help with this process. However, bleaching requires special bleaching materials, and this process should be done in a dentist’s office.

Causes Of Teeth Discoloration 

Various factors can result in internal or external teeth discoloration. The causes of internal or external tooth discoloration are as follows:

Enamel damage leads to external teeth abnormal color. Alcohol, tobacco, and carbonated beverages cause discoloration of the tooth surface. If this problem is treated quickly by teeth whitening, bleaching is no longer necessary. In case you don’t seek an on-time treatment, the teeth’ inner layer will get damaged.

Some people inevitably experience an internal discoloration of their teeth as they age. But most people experience discoloration due to acquired factors such as taking certain medications or caries. For example, excessive fluoride use can cause discoloration of the inner teeth layer. Commonly, this type of discoloration cannot be treated with bleaching or similar methods. Therefore, the use of cosmetic dentistry methods, such as veneers and composites, is recommended.

Teeth Whitening

Instant Teeth Whitening With Light

Instant teeth whitening with light or laser is actually done with intense light radiation. This method is used in dentists’ offices and dental clinics. Among the lights used to whiten the teeth, halogen light is superior. Light stimulates peroxide molecules well and does not damage the tooth pulp.

Teeth Whitening And Bleaching Durability

To increase the durability of the teeth whitening treatment results, your dentist will probably tell you the following suggestions:

It is better to repeat teeth whitening treatment once a year so that your teeth will always keep healthy and shiny.

Avoid foods and beverages that darken your teeth’ color at least one week after you get the teeth whitening treatment. Generally, it is better to restrict the consumption of food and drinks that make your teeth discolored.

Oral hygiene is the most influential factor in your teeth color. Do not forget to floss and brush your teeth regularly and after every meal.