Health According To Astrology

Health According To Astrology

A guide to your healthy life includes good health & it all begins from heath horoscope & by knowing more about yourself , your body & health .

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Health plays the most important role in one’s life. It’s the most essential point to look upon as no matter how you define success, one thing should be remembered for always that a healthy  body and mind is necessary if you want to lead a successful life in true manners.

So how can astrologers & astrology leave revelation of your health & let you be unaware of the fact that from which diseases your health can get affected & also the reason behind it.

Astrology & health has a strong relation with one another as one’s zodiac sign can reveal the body parts or area & diseases the person is prone to get affected from & the reason behind it. So that you can keep a watch in your regular activities & control it before it gets worse.

So let’s discuss about each zodiac signs health & issues they might face due to that & which part or body system is affected most & why.

Aries  rules the head & brain. It’s well said that your mind is your dangerous weapon, So better you use it otherwise it will use you the way it wants. I think that’s why they are always so hot – headed. There are tendency that they easily get stressed out & headaches frequently & it can get converted to migraines, brain stroke or sometimes even brain hemorrhage.

Aries should avoid taking stress for small-small things first & should cool themselves down either by practicing meditation, going for a walk when feeling angry or just washing face with cold water or just simply drinking water & nothing else.

They have to be serious about this issues of theirs personality otherwise it can harm them very badly.

Taurus Bull rules the throat, ears & neck. As sign rules throat is a clear sign that they can sing well ,very well if want to.

But it also reveals that Taureans are tends to suffer from sore throats, cold & flu. They tend to suffer from thyroid, ear infections & stiff necks too.

The stubborn nature & keep worrying about the things over & over is main reason for all this. And it suggests that they should keep an eye over their respiratory system & circulation issues & stay healthy.

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Gemini  Gems rules shoulders, arms, legs, respiratory system & nervous system. Gemini love to do multitask at a time. They can’t stay for long at same place. So for variety they keep on switching from task to task which can lead to tension, anxiety & will easily get cold.

They are so much prone to cold & fever that when they can get it, even they don’t have any idea about it. It’s just like a surprise test. It’s common for a Gemini to suffer from nervous issues, anxiety disorder & even insomnia.

And it’s the high time, so better twins start taking precautions & care for themselves. Take out time for yourself & rest for a while it will be good for you.

 Cancer rules chest, stomach & skin. Cancer is one of the most emotional sign of the zodiac & is very deep . It flows always with emotion & to get over they take help of food sometimes.

They get so much lost in themselves that they just don’t even know what they are in taking & this leads to serious digestive problems & obesity, weight gain & many more.

They can face skin related issues too, If not taken care. But once they start taking care, they will get that elegance & radiant back in their skin.

Just a need is  proper diet, proper sleep & less thinking, emotional one especially.

Leo governs heart & blood that’s the main reason they are very lenient. They are fearless being & do consider themselves very strong which might look like egoistic kind of sometimes.

As they rule heart , so there is high probability of them to face heart break, emotionally  and physically a heart attack & high blood pressure issues also.

They should start doing meditation & yoga & opt for healthy diet rather than eating anything.

Virgo rules abdomen & intestine. These organized individual do keep an eye over their body also, as they want to look good always & if even a little thing goes wrong, they get hyper.

They tends to have high chances to get digestive issues & stomach disorder like ulcers, IBS & also intestinal issues.

Try meditation & not just eat anything you get at least if you want to look good & want your body to fine well.

Libra governs kidney & bladder.  The most balanced sign of the whole are known well for never losing their calm & are also very careful about their health but as kidney & bladder are the organs which deal with food processing and liquid waste excretion. They have high chances of kidney failure & getting bladder issues than others.

For avoiding the disease they should keep themselves hydrated & intake light & nutritious food mostly.

Scorpio heads, genital & reproductive organs. They passionate , intense & imaginative.

A strong Scorpio can be sexiest of all . But these organs & their careless attitude towards routine checkup can become their weakness, as they can be victim of sexually transmitted diseases.

Women can face irregularities in menstrual cycle & other such issues can be faced . Scorpion should drink more & more water & stay away from polluted and infected places & should visit doctors, whenever feel like, and not ignore it.

Sagittarius rules Eyes, thighs & hips. This restless & free spirited sign loves to travel a lot & always plans a one , they can’t stay at home & just keep themselves always exploring new places.

This may lead themselves unwanted accidents due to rash driving  sometime. They can have eyes related problems & impaired vision too which can also result in accidents.

So Sagittarians should take some rest, go to spa body massage & should avoid over consumption of alcohol.

Capricorn associates with knees, joints teeth & bones. They are strong, attentive & ambitious sign. Their whole body structure can be strong but is prone to accident and get injured in knees & can also face joint pains in their old age.

So it’s better for them to keep massaging their body joints & take calcium rich & nutritious diet.

Aquarius rules leg, ankles & circulation. Energetic & slender personality always moving have from there makes them good at dance & such activities but can also make them prone to sprain & strain in their ankles & even by fracture.

They also have weak blood circulation, so better keep an eye over it & go for checkup. They should intake foods which help in easy circulation & walk & move softly and not hurried manner.

Pisces govern immune system, nervous system, feet. Are the sister of cancer sign zodiac super- sensitive. They are having an athletes foot and can run very fast.

They don’t get stressed out easily as being emotional one they can connect themselves well with mental health issues & not let them overpower their life.

But sometimes they tend to worry a lot & that makes them sick & their behavior shows sudden changes and  get abnormal.

They also have very weak immune system so can easily catches cough & cold viral infections. So it’s better for Pisces to go for checkup when even they see a sign & pay attention to the signs and also keep themselves safe from changing seasons.