Will CBD Treats Help Pet Anxiety?

Will CBD Treats Help Pet Anxiety?

For countless people around the world that have furry friends, pet anxiety can be an ongoing issue. Some animals will display signs of anxiety only when the environment is scary, such as hearing thunder or loud fireworks. Other pets will show signs of stress, or anxiety when they are left alone. There are also pets that will show signs of anxiety all of the time and have constant behavior problems in every situation. Although each pet is unique and will have its own way of displaying symptoms of anxiety, most pets that struggle with it will act out in one way or another.

What is Pet Anxiety?

The word “anxiety” has many definitions, and none of them are what most people would consider positive ones. When we talk about anxiety it can mean a number of different things. Some of its synonyms are uneasiness, restlessness, and tenseness. Anxiety is a distraught feeling that can be best described as a feeling of dread and fear. It is also a problem for humans that can be so bad that they seek medical treatment for it. Pet anxiety is much like the anxiety that some people struggle with. It is a feeling that can be mild, or extremely intense. Pets can act out in unpredictable ways if they suffer from anxiety, and even become aggressive.

Dog Anxiety

Dogs can exhibit signs of anxiety in various ways. Some dogs will sulk away and hide until they feel safe again, while others will become restless or aggressive. A common cause for heightened anxiety in dogs is during celebrations that involve loud, booming fireworks. Scary situations can be traumatic for dogs. We all know they are just fireworks, but the dogs have absolutely no idea what’s going on. Unless they have been trained to be desensitized to loud booms, most dogs will react negatively to fireworks and other loud noises.

Another cause of anxiety in dogs can be what is known as separation anxiety. This is a common problem that in many cases results in ruined furniture and carpets. Some dogs just can not stand the thought of being alone and away from the people that they love. Dogs will act out in unique ways like barking, howling, going potty all over the carpets, or chewing up the couch or other furniture.

Cat Anxiety

If you are familiar with cats, you are probably already aware that they are not to be handled in the same manner as dogs. Of course, there might be some exceptions to these rules, but you don’t give a cat a bath, nor do you put one on a leash. As moody as they can be in regular mode, imagine a cat that is suffering from anxiety. Sometimes a cat may just seem like an angry, spiteful kitty, however, they might just be anxious and acting aggressive because of it.

An anxious cat can show signs of anxiety in several ways. Holding their tail close to  satta their body is one way, and fiercely hissing with claws out is another. In some cases, if the cat is not being aggressive, you can try to soothe it by talking calmly and petting it. In other cases, your best bet would be not to go near it at all. Cats are very independent and have a tendency to deal with their anxiety in their own way, however, some might need help.

CBD and Pet Anxiety

There are pet lovers all around the world that give their fur babies CBD on a regular basis and believe that it helps them. Both humans and pets have what’s known as the endocannabinoid system in their bodies. It is within this system that many researchers believe that there is an explanation that will validate the theory that CBD can help to alleviate anxiety. As of now, in the early stages of 2021, there is yet to be any solid evidence that supports the notion that CBD helps with anxiety in humans or pets.


CBD is a cannabinoid that naturally occurs in the hemp plant. As with any other natural compound, the effects that it will deliver depends on the unique characteristics of the pet that is ingesting it. If you have never given your pet CBD products before, the best thing you can do is to have a conversation with your veterinarian about it. Each pet is different, and certain prescription medications can clash with CBD. First, determine whether or not your pet can handle CBD, then make an educated decision based on the specifics of your pet. Be sure to give your pet only high-quality CBD products without toxins or harmful pesticides.