New York CBD Companies are Ready for Success

New York CBD Companies are Ready for Success

A positive attitude and hard work go a long way. Since the 2014 Farm Bill passed and came into effect, hemp farmers all around the country have been planting hemp seeds, caring for crops, and harvesting this golden plant like there’s no tomorrow. New York CBD companies are prepared and ready for success as this blooming industry unfolds into a multi-billion dollar treasure chest. Although there are numerous laws, rules, and regulations that New York hemp farmers have to adhere to, the future looks bright, and the hopes are high.

Big Profits for the CBD Industry

CBD, also known as cannabidiol, has been the topic of many investors for the last few years.  A plethora of commodities that have CBD as an ingredient are pet products, skincare products, health products, edible products, and even pharmaceuticals. It is easy to see why the Global Market is predicting that revenue from CBD sales around the globe will reach upwards of $89 billion by 20206. That’s a lot of money.

Why CBD is So Special

CBD is a cannabinoid that is present in the cannabis plant. It is closely related to the ever-popular cannabinoid THC, which is also present in the cannabis plant. The difference between CBD and THC is that although they are both in the same family, CBD does not bring on the psychoactive effects that THC does. In other words, CBD will not get you stoned. People from all around the world believe that CBD offers relief from stress, discomfort, and other less than enjoyable ailments that happen to people from time to time. In addition to CBD enthusiasts finding pleasure and comfort with the use of CBD, pet owners around the globe believe CBD helps their pets as well. As scientists continue to search for more ways that CBD is good for the body, everybody that believes in the power of CBD continues to support the industry by buying lots of it.

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The Endocannabinoid System

Most of the creatures on this planet that have a spine are equipped with a special network of receptors that is called the endocannabinoid system. The job of this network is to help the body maintain a state of homeostasis at all times. What this means is that the endocannabinoid system is responsible for keeping the body in balance and organized. The rate of the heartbeat, the degree of the body temperature, the pressure of the blood coursing through the veins, all of these and much more are regulated and kept in check by the endocannabinoid system.

The interesting part about the endocannabinoid system is that creatures that have one create their own version of cannabinoids that help to keep the body in shape. We all create a type of cannabinoid naturally within our own bodies that help us to stay healthy. Since CBD is a cannabinoid, it can easily bond with the receptors in our endocannabinoid system and be put to work in the process that keeps us in good shape. This is part of the magic that CBD has to offer us, and although not everything about the endocannabinoid system is crystal clear to all scientists and health professionals, there are teams of scholars out there that are working to figure it all out and put it into words.

High Falls Hemp NY and the CBD Industry

High Falls Hemp NY is one of the amazing hemp farms of NY. What makes High Falls stand out above the rest of the CBD companies is that they have a passion for growing and producing the highest quality hemp products that are available on the market today. From seed to soul, each plant is planted, cared for, and harvested with the customer in mind. If you are going to put something into your body, you should make sure that it comes from a trusted and high-quality source that is free from toxins and other harmful additives.