What To Do With A Knocked-Out Tooth?

What To Do With A Knocked-Out Tooth?

If your tooth is knocked out, you have to look for your tooth. Emergency dentists know that teeth can be saved by re-implantation. Time is of the essence. The best results are obtained when your tooth can be placed in its cavity within 30 minutes of the injury. A knocked-out permanent tooth is a serious dental emergency case and requires a quick referral to the emergency dentist. For more information about how to handle dental injuries or a knocked-out tooth , visit an emergency dentist.

Factors such as falling, exercising, falling downstairs, car accidents, and so on, causes dental injuries or a knocked-out tooth. Factors such as the protrusion of the upper teeth and the open lips also exacerbate this. In general, the damages are as follows:

1- Breaking Hard Objects

If your permanent tooth is broken or knocked out due to biting on hard objects, you have to visit the emergency dentist as soon as possible. Do not wait for the tooth to break.


2- Trauma

Sometimes the edge of the tooth breaks, or your tooth falls off due to trauma. In the case of the broken tooth, you have to immediately visit the emergency dentist because, due to the dentin’s opening, contaminants gradually enter the tooth marrow and threaten the life of the tooth. If your tooth is fallen off, store it in a cup of milk and visit the emergency dentist. The emergency dentist in Richmond Hill can be the best option in the case of dental trauma. He can repair the tooth and restore the function of the mouth in the shortest possible time.

3- Tooth Displacement

In cases where the tooth’s impact is severe, the tooth may be loose, sunk into the jawbone, or protruding. In some cases, the gums may cut and bleed, or bruising may occur in the part of the mouth. Sometimes the impact is so severe that in addition to the teeth, the jawbone also breaks. In all cases, you have to refer to the emergency dentist as soon as possible.

One of the problems that occur due to trauma is the knocked-out tooth. In this case, it is vital to know what to do to save the tooth. Unfortunately, so far, many of the permanent teeth of children have been lost due to a lack of knowledge.

My Permanent Tooth Is Knocked-Out, What To Do?

Find the lost tooth and rinse it with water or saliva.

Contact the emergency dentist and let him know you are on your way.

Gently insert the tooth into its cavity. Bite a cloth or handkerchief firmly to hold the tooth in place and visit the emergency dentist as soon as possible.

If you cannot place the tooth in place, put it in your mouth or a cup of water while you are on your way to the emergency dentist. Do not allow the teeth to dry out.

If the re-implantation is done in time, the chance of saving the tooth is 50%. In the long run, this tooth works much better than artificial teeth made in the form of crown and bridges.